Monday, May 16, 2011

Space Channel 5: Ulala?

So finishing up the games in the Dreamcast Collection that I had a desire to play, lead me to attempting a Space Channel 5: Part 2 run. Man, I just could not get the hang of the timing windows in this game. I never played this game back on the Dreamcast, so I can't say if this version is harder than the original, but the True Achievements ratio shows it's been difficult for more gamers than myself.

I did, however, near completion #51 on SEGA: Bass Fishing. I might have entertained a completion if I had not needed to grind out about 236 more catches. I did manage to nab all of the achievements except the catch 500 fish one, so I feel pretty good about that.

Crazy Taxi was completed for completion #50, as well, and to be perfectly honest that game seems a lot harder than it is to 100%. When I first started the Crazy Box challenges I questioned my ability to play Crazy Taxi. I think I could complete that whole challenge section in one sitting after learning the tricks, and more specifically, how to properly execute a Limiter Cut. That is definitely the key to finishing stage S-S.

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