Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Singularity completed, Kinect Labs started

So I finished up Singularity last week before I had to travel for a few days for work. Great game. I really wish I had gotten into this game before the multiplayer community died, I would have liked to check out those modes. Since I couldn't ever get into a game I simply traded the game away and didn't worry with completing the achievements for this game.

Kinect Fun Labs. Wow, four mini games with 50 gamerscore each. An easy, and free, 200 with only a few "grindy" ones. I finished up Kinect Me, which was pretty accurate considering my lighting issues that my Kinect has always complained about, is a fun little photo-booth style app that scans your face and clothing into an Avatar-like body. Googly Eyes lets you scan objects in and make puppets that you can put googly eyes on, and make little videos to share. Build A Buddy is similar, but you make little "buddies" that you don't puppet around the app.

These games are great little tech demos to show off the power of the Kinect. However, with releasing some titles that are now giving away only 50 gamerscore, is it now the time to start clamoring for Xbox Live Indie Games getting the same ability for their paid versions? Fifty gamerscore seems like a good amount to allow these independent developers to have, and only in the paid versions.

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