Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crazy Taxi & Bass Fishing

So I started chipping away at some of the games on the Dreamcast Collection last night, and I got about half-way through the Crazy Box challenges in Crazy Taxi. Man, does this make me wish for a Jet Grind Radio port to the XBOX along with some Chu-Chu Rocket. I spent hours back in the Dreamcast days playing Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Chu-Chu Rocket and Ready to Rumble. I never did play much of SEGA Bass Fishing, but I tackled the arcade mode on the XBOX last night unlocking 3 achievements there. I'm not sure if I'll complete either of these games, Crazy Taxi is the closest as I'll only have to knock out two more sections of the Crazy Box, and Bass Fishing requires a "catch 500 fish" grind for one achievement. Anyway, this disc collection can be found pretty darn cheap right now, and you get 4 decent XBLA titles it's definitely worth checking out.

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