Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of a Streak

So I had a nice little streak going since June 16th where I had earned at least one achievement per day. This probably could have continued for a few more days if it were not for a stupid quick-time-event in James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace that caused me to rage-quit the game in frustration. For some reason I could just not get the timing of that fight down. I'm going to attempt it once again tonight, and if I can't get it I will just go ahead and trade this away on Goozex. Even though I'm only two levels in, I can see this is a bad game so I'm not going to waste my time suffering through it. Especially when I've heard decent things about James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

I knocked out a few sets of Portal 2 co-op, as well as finishing the single player of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. I'm really glad I finally forced myself to finish Enslaved. I don't typically go for those type of games, but this one actually kept me interested and the combat didn't seem as combo-heavy as say a Devil May Cry title.

I also finally let several other games go that were just sitting on my shelf, and I look forward to getting some  new blood in their place. I think I'm going to try and play more games I actually have been meaning to check out, and less achievement fluff for a little while. Don't get me wrong, I still can't pass up an easy game to auto-pilot to 1,000 points like Truth or Lies though.

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