Friday, June 24, 2011

Hail to the former King, baby!

So I finished as much as I could in James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace before I had agreed to ship it off on Goozex, and since I didn't want to pull the stuff like the guy who agreed to send me Shaun White Skateboarding and finally confirmed it as shipped a whole week after the date he promised, I didn't finish the single player campaign in Bond. The other big reason I didn't finish the campaign is I started the campaign in Duke Nukem Forever, and since I grabbed this from Redbox, I wanted to give it my full attention this weekend.

So far, I think I made the right decision by renting Duke. It is not as great as I had hoped, it feels dated, and the game play is just not doing anything for me. And I'm not even complaining about the multitude of technical issues that just should not be present in a modern-day game. I hope it gets better, and I hope I do find it brings it up a notch like I so desperately want it too. But so far, it seems like Duke is a lot of walking and platforming between a few combat elements. None of which feel particularly challenging even on Come Get Some difficulty.

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