Friday, April 15, 2011

Back Taxes

So I finished up the main disc based achievements of You Don't Know Jack except for the Turncoat achievement last night. I'm not to worried about using the off-line date adjustment method just yet, because the game can't be 100% completed until JACK PACK 3 DLC is released. I'm actually planning on reminding myself to play this game on July 4th, just to unlock that "legit", I just would like to have the 7/4/11 time-stamp on my achievement. (Not that I'm looking down my nose at anyone who already did the date adjustment method, I just don't really care since I can't 100% the game at this point either way.) I really do not understand why they added all of the DLC pack achievements to the game when all of the DLC was not even available. All it did was keep the game from being completed right out of the box. However, I have enjoyed the franchise's glorious return so much that I even bought the game again when the iOS version came out. I'll have to say I'm a little disappointed that wasn't a universal app for both iPad and iPod/Phones, but you could still have both versions for under $10 so I guess there is not that much of a reason to complain. Overall, I'd rate this game as GREAT, and I really hope they keep pushing out DLC and keeping the game fresh. I could even stand to buy a yearly edition of this with some basic changes to the gameplay for the budget price they released this one at. They do need to fix the JACK ATTACK issues over Xbox Live though, that is really the only issue I've had with this otherwise fantastic game.

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