Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Final Table

So after finally getting my head around the fact that I can't play normal poker hands in the last pro-takedown tournament in Full House Poker, I got the Final Table achievement to pop last night on my fifth attempt. Just a little tip that I found helped me, as soon as the game starts pause the game and select sit-out. Walk away for about 15-20 minutes. You will post blinds and fold out of every hand. This helps you let the AI take each other out, and when you come back you should have 3 or 4 open seats. This is a good time to come in and start playing "poker". You will want to call basically every hand. By doing this you should be able to use a few other strategies against the AI and walk away with the victory pretty easy. The AI will hang play Ace-rag hands a lot, and they seriously overvalue any pair they get. You can tell what they have if they bet anything over half of the pot, they have a strong hand. If they are betting minimums, they have nothing and if you have any sort of hand keep playing them. You will have to re-raise them continually to get any sort of decent pot, and sometimes they will even fold out at this point. One other thing to keep in mind, if they ever check on the turn or river card (and a straight draw is on the table) pop out a small minimum bet. If they come back with a re-raise get out of there as they have a huge hand. I won lots of hands with low pairs and low two pair hands, and once I started using these strategies instead of regular poker strategies I cam out a winner. If you haven't unlocked it previously, you will also unlock Rollin' as the pay-out for winning this tournament is 500,000 credits.

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