Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kinect Fun Labs completed

The gadgets contained in Kinect Fun Labs are awesome little examples of what the technology can do. My only complaint is about the somewhat repetitive nature of the achievements, which turned into somewhat of a grind to get the full 200 for all four gadgets. I'm not really sure what else I will start on next, a lot of real-life things are starting to cut into my gaming time, but hopefully I can continue to sneak in some time for gaming at night. The achievement posts may not come as quickly as I'm not really chasing achievements so much as I'm just playing some games for fun, and if I get some points that's just a bonus. I looked over the achievements for Duke Nukem Forever, and while that game is currently getting panned pretty hard by the critics, I will probably pick it up as soon as someone drops the price down into the $30 range. I will be playing it for mainly nostalgia sake, but I have to say I applaud Gearbox for not putting in any obvious multi-player only achievements in that list.

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