Monday, April 18, 2011

Kill with Glitches!

Bulletstorm should not still have game breaking bugs in it two months after release. I'm sorry, but this is down right ridiculous. So, I popped my Bulletstorm disc back in this weekend and decided to head on into Act 2 (yea, I only played Act 1 when I got the game, then got sidetracked with some other titles). I had held off on progressing because I had heard of game-breaking "Ishi-walking-on-air" glitches, and figured if I waited a month or so those should be ironed out. Wrong. I guess @therealcliffyb and gang are not worried about this game since the Gears 3 beta launches today. So, yea, I was greeted with this same exact bug in Act 2 that LtMkilla encountered.

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